Resources for Parents

Daily Meditations (with Scripture) for Busy Moms

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Robertson gives voice to, among others, the frustrated mother, the satisfied mother, the mother who is lonely, the mother who is an alcoholic, the mother who is widowed, and the mother of a pregnant and unmarried teenager. In uniting these voices, all mothers join a sacred sisterhood–daughters of our Creator.

My daughter bought this book for me as a gift. I immediately started reading it. The issues that are the “little stories” in this daily book are real and insightful. They also have a scripture passage to give you strength throughout the day. I went on line to order them for my friends for Christmas. They can be used from year to year because they have the date but not the year. I would recommend this book for anyone who needs that little boost and only has a bit of time each day.

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The Rosary:  Worry Beads for Anxious Parents

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Excellent insight and companion for praying the rosary.  It is a wonderful, calming way to end your busy, hectic day and to bring you closer to our Lord.

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They Do Grow Up:  Parents and Teens Talk

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Boundaries between parents and their teenaged children can often be well defined and difficult to cross. They Do Grow Up helps bridge those boundaries through two-way communication. The book is a collection of meditations on common areas of concern for parents and teens. Each observation is initiated by a mother who has teenage children, followed by her teens responding with their own commentaries on the subject. Appropriate Scripture passages are suggested for further reflection, as well. Among the topics included are: driving; arrogance; worry; chaperoning; clutter; and information overload.
Anyone living in a household with teens will enjoy and profit from the honesty shared in this book. It can be a great discussion-starter for parents and teens at home or anywhere.

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