From I Do to We Do

Just Released – From I DO to WE DO:  The First Five Years

It started with “Hello.” A chance encounter that led to dating which led to the words, “Will you marry me?” and the response, “I do!” But what do you say after you say “I do?” How do you go from “I do” to “We do?”

This book is a guide for the first five years of marriage. It is designed to help you navigate those crucial early years of married life that set the stage for your life together.

For all newly married couples, it includes information on adjustment, communication, time management and other issues related to those early years as well as a chapter on second marriages. Written from a Catholic Christian perspective, it includes information that is helpful to all couples, regardless of faith background.

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Who Me?  Full of Grace?  Spirituality for Mom’s Kindle Series


Four part series for mothers of young children to help them recognize the rich spirituality that is theirs. Available from Amazon Kindle for $0.99 each. Buy one or buy all four. A great gift for the mothers in your life.



Motherhood Stress:  It Cause More than a Few Grey Hairs!

Moms and Anger:  A Blessing in Disguise?

Moms and Prayer:  Finding Time When There is No Time!

Who Me? Full of Grace:  Finding Grace in Your Journey



walking thru dying processWalking with Families through the Dying Process

Death comes to all of us, but most are uncomfortable and unsure when it comes to that final journey. Patricia Robertson’s book helps families that are facing the terminal diagnosis of a loved one. She provides insights into the dying process and tips how best to help families through this process.

A valuable resource for families, counselors, ministers and lay people, chapters include: The Faces of Death, The Acute-Crisis Phase, The Chronic Living with Dying Phase, The Terminal Phase, Children and Death, Seniors, and Tips for Caregivers.

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marriage moments II

Marriage Moments II – Michigan Edition:  More Reflections on Married Life

Whether watching the sun rise over Lake Huron, or set over Lake Michigan, visiting Mackinaw Island or the Detroit Institute of Art, riding the Falling Waters Trail or skating on a frozen lake, Michigan is a great place for couples to live and raise a family.

Marriage Moments II – Michigan Edition, features reflections on married life by writers from Jackson, Michigan. The meditations are meant to help couples reflect on their life together, the challenges and the joys.

All of the proceeds from sales of this book go to support the mission of Marriage Matters Jackson to prepare, promote and preserve marriages.

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Marriage_Moments_Cover_for_KindleMarriage Moments:  100 Reflections on Married Life

From the first hello, through early years, parenting, career challenges, retirement and golden years, MARRIAGE MOMENTS offers vignettes of married life to inspire and sustain marriages. Each reflection is designed to give an insight into married life, the joys and the challenges. They may be read alone or together as a couple. The perfect gift for an anniversary or for newlyweds.

All proceeds from this book go to support Marriage Matters Jackson’s mission to promote, prepare and preserve marriages. To purchase, click here.

Laugh and cry as you see your own marriage in these reflections on married life!


meditation moms coverDaily Meditations (with Scripture) for Busy Moms

Robertson gives voice to, among others, the frustrated mother, the satisfied mother, the mother who is lonely, the mother who is an alcoholic, the mother who is widowed, and the mother of a pregnant and unmarried teenager. In uniting these voices, all mothers join a sacred sisterhood–daughters of our Creator.

My daughter bought this book for me as a gift. I immediately started reading it. The issues that are the “little stories” in this daily book are real and insightful. They also have a scripture passage to give you strength throughout the day. I went on line to order them for my friends for Christmas. They can be used from year to year because they have the date but not the year. I would recommend this book for anyone who needs that little boost and only has a bit of time each day.

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rosary bookThe Rosary:  Worry Beads for Anxious Parents

Excellent insight and companion for praying the rosary.  It is a wonderful, calming way to end your busy, hectic day and to bring you closer to our Lord.

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teens bookThey Do Grow Up:  Parents and Teens Talk

Boundaries between parents and their teenaged children can often be well defined and difficult to cross. They Do Grow Up helps bridge those boundaries through two-way communication. The book is a collection of meditations on common areas of concern for parents and teens. Each observation is initiated by a mother who has teenage children, followed by her teens responding with their own commentaries on the subject. Appropriate Scripture passages are suggested for further reflection, as well. Among the topics included are: driving; arrogance; worry; chaperoning; clutter; and information overload.
Anyone living in a household with teens will enjoy and profit from the honesty shared in this book. It can be a great discussion-starter for parents and teens at home or anywhere.

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Daily Meditations (with Scripture) for Busy Couples, David Fortier and Patricia Robertson

All married couples will find inspiration, wisdom, insight and joy in this delightful collection of daily reflections and Bible quotations.

My mom gave us this book because she thought we would find it interesting.  What an understatement!  I read the passage for each day first and then leave it on my husband’s chair to read and then we discuss it.  Sometimes  we know exactly what they are referring to and other times it doesn’t seem  to apply.  Either way we stop and reflect on the bible verse and the  interpretation and discuss what it means to us. We truly enjoy reading this  book each day!

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