Now Available:  Still Dancing

StillDancing.cover5Some phone calls we love, others we hate, like the ones Pastor Joe receives from his daughter’s school. Or the one Dale received at work, letting him know his wife, Joy, had fallen and was in route to the hospital by ambulance. Less than two years ago, while pregnant with their third child, Joy had a cancerous lump on her breast. After a tumultuous year including surgery, chemo, radiation and the birth of Grace, she has been cancer free. Could her cancer be back?

Despite all of her struggles, Joy continues to dance amidst the hardships of life. Share in one family’s struggle with cancer and how it challenges their faith in the sequel to Dancing on a High Wire, volume II of Dancing Through Life Series.

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New Release: Magnificent Failure

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Is it possible to start over? He is a Wall Street executive who drops out, leaving behind his family and livelihood in search of redemption. She is a divorced single mom, struggling to have a life of her own while raising her children. Failures in the eyes of the world and their own eyes, they found each other.

Magnificent Failure is a love story for anyone who feels like a failure. A story of second chances for life and love, it helps readers recognize that there can be new beginnings and that no-one is a failure in God’s eyes.

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What do you do when life knocks you off balance? Sara, a senior at Michigan State University, is looking forward to graduation and starting her life with her fiancé when he breaks off the engagement. Joy, a ballet instructor, is happily married and expecting her third child when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Esther is planning on continuing at her current place of employment until retirement when she finds herself unemployed with few job skills. Each needs to find a “new normal” and regain their balance on this high wire we call life.

Dancing on a High Wire will show you how three women manage this rebalancing act. Their stories will inspire you and help you with your own struggle to maintain a balance in this crazy world in which we live.

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Land of Deep Waters -Honduras, land of deep waters, a country torn
apart by civil unrest, violence and poverty. Is it possible to go back? Thirty years after being banned from Honduras as a young nun, Joan, now married with two grown sons, finds herself haunted by memories of her four years there. She is determined to return, but how, and if so what will she find?

One dollar out of every print edition will be donated to The Lamb Institute in support of their ministry in violent and poverty stricken areas of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. For more information on The Lamb Institute go to or click here.

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Dreamweavers -Kate, a single mom, sends her teenage daughter, Terri, off to spend the summer with her father in California, thereby freeing Kate for adventures of her own. Now it is time to follow her dreams, but where to begin? Her high school sweetheart or the attractive building contractor she hires to add an addition to her home? Join Kate, Terri, and others, including Kate’s sister, a third grade teacher and a World War II Vet, as they seek out new dreams worthy to build a life on.

Dreamweavers will help you recapture old dreams and memories as you look at your life through new eyes. Dream again, wherever you are in life.

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During the Cold War, with the doomsday clock at three minutes to midnight, protestors risked their lives and freedom at nuclear weapon sites. Join a rabble-rousing Catholic priest and Methodist minister, a kindergarten teacher, and a Quaker homemaker, as they beat swords into plowshares, or in this case, hammer on a B-52 bomber. Arrested and jailed, they bought the world time through doing time.

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Patricia Robertson’s book takes you down the little trod path of heroic sacrifice in the name of faith and action. Ken Wyatt, retired editorial writer, Jackson Citizen Patriot.