A Free Design Program – Canva.com

The WordPress meet-up I regularly attend has a “Bring Out Your Dead” meeting every other month where you bring in your problems with your website and more experienced members help the less experienced ones. They first held this close to Halloween, hence the name. Members liked the concept so the name stuck.

It was at one such meet-up that I was introduced to Canva.com. Another member raved about it and showed me how to use it to create some graphics for a book I was working on. It’s user friendly and free! They have extensive tutorials to help the beginner designer. What more do you want?

Since then I’ve used it to create a bookmark

Fiction by Patricia M. Robertson


And I’ve started my own marketing campaign for my Dancing through Life Series, some of which you may have noticed on this website.


I also used it to create a quote box to use for one of my blog posts

Journey 2

And then there are those graphics for my book for newly married couples, From I Do to We Do.


Components of basic communication.

OK grid

I’m OK, You’re OK grid (not my best but ok for a beginner)

Most recently Canva started a Canva Cup award, #canvacup, which is what got me thinking. Chances are there are people who read my blog who would also benefit from using Canva.

While I don’t plan on using it to design covers for my books – these are way too important to trust to my non-experienced hands – it has been very helpful for other aspects of marketing and design for my books. Check Canva out!

Do you have other design resources you use?




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