October Promotions for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


For Immediate Release:

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Part of Profits from Book on one Family’s Struggle with Breast Cancer will be Donated to American Cancer Society

Jackson, MI – Cancer affects all families in some way. Current estimates are that one in four individuals will experience cancer at some point in their life. Breast cancer is particularly challenging for women.

Author, Patricia Robertson’s latest book, Still Dancing, is the story of one family’s courageous struggle with breast cancer. In the first book of her Dancing Through Life series, Dancing on a High Wire, we meet Joy, a ballet instructor who is diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with her third child. In Still Dancing, the sequel, Joy’s cancer returns. Each family member reacts in different ways to the news. The book explores these reactions, from the youngest, Joy’s children, to her husband and siblings, to the oldest, her parents.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one dollar off of every print copy and 50 cents off of every e-version of Still Dancing will be donated to the American Cancer Society for their work to end breast cancer.

Says Robertson: “While I haven’t experienced breast cancer myself, a number of my friends have. I want to do my part to support research to end this form of cancer.” During her over thirty years in ministry, Robertson often walked with families through cancer and other life threatening illnesses. This story is based on those experiences. “I have walked with families during the throes of death and been inspired by their courage. I hope to inspire others with this story.”

Robertson has also written a companion, non-fiction book, Walking with Families through the Dying Process. “This book is for any family facing the death of a loved one. It provides practical tips and helps loved ones understand what their family member is going through and how to be supportive.”

The books may be purchased through Amazon or through the author’s website, www.patriciamrobertson.com. For more information, contact Patricia Robertson at patricia@patriciamrobertson.com.

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