Summer WIP: Putting Baby in Bed

Manuscript being watched over by my children's stuffed lion, Aslan.

Manuscript being watched over by my children’s stuffed lion, Aslan.

Summer is over and so is my Summer Work In Progress, at least for a while. I’ve got a lot of good suggestions from my first beta reader, as well as helpful feedback from my writers’ group, leaving me with changes as well as more questions. I’m going to clean the manuscript up some more and send to another member of my writers’ group who agreed to read it. And then I’m going to put it to bed for a while.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from a project and that’s what I plan to do. I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo in November, National Novel Writing Month, and need to start focusing on my writing project for this. I also still have a lot of ideas swirling through my brain in regards to the summer WIP, different directions I might go, and so maybe it’s time to let those ideas germinate in my head until I have some clearer sense of where I’m heading.

And so, time to put my baby into hibernation mode, perhaps until December, or January, or even next summer. I’ll let you know when it awakens. 🙂

What about you? Do you find it helpful to put writing projects aside at times?

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2 Responses to Summer WIP: Putting Baby in Bed

  1. ShiroTsukiyomi says:

    Yeah I do too. To a point when I sometimes even forget about it… Whew.

    • Yes, it feels good to be able to put it aside for a while! I usually come back to the work with fresh eyes, Kind of like putting your kids to bed after a tiring day, getting a good night’s sleep, then being ready to deal with them again. 🙂

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