For Mother’s Day – Give her spirituality based in her everyday reality!


Not quite thirty years ago, I experienced an earth-quaking, life shattering event: the birth of my son, followed by twin daughters eighteen months later. As a Roman Catholic, I had grown up thinking that the call to religious life and priesthood was a “higher” calling than married life. I wondered if I were doomed to a mediocre prayer life at best because I was no longer able to go away for week long retreats or spend hours in quiet prayer. I looked around for resources to help me grow spiritually within my daily reality of dirty diapers and spit-up and found none at the time. And so I developed my own resources.

My book, Daily Meditations (with Scripture) for Busy Moms, was one such resource. Even if I could no longer read for hours at a time, I could find time for short meditations each day. I also developed a series of workshops designed to help moms realize the rich spiritual life that was theirs.

Those workshops are the basis for the kindle series I am publishing in May. Each Sunday for four weeks, a new book will be released. They are currently available for pre-order, in time for Mother’s Day!

At $0.99 each, they make an inexpensive gift for your favorite mother. Ideal for mothers of young children. Order all four and every Sunday in May they will receive a book on their kindle or other ereader. This year, give her spirituality based in her everyday reality!

To order follow the links below:

Week One: Motherhood Stress:  It Causes More than a Few Grey Hairs.

Week Two: Moms and Anger:  A Blessing in Disguise?

Week Three:  Moms and Prayer:  Finding Time When there is no Time.

Week Four: Who Me? Full of Grace? Finding Grace in your Journey.

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