What Age Are You Meant to Be?

I read an article a while back about how each of us has a certain age that we were born to be. This is the time that we are most ourselves, happiest, the best years of our life. For some people those years were in high school. Perhaps they were a cheerleader or football hero or class president or just had a great time in high school. They look back in nostalgia at those years, remembering them as the best years of their life.

Others remember their college years as the best ever. Some their twenties, others the years that their children were young and they were forging careers. Still others their middle years when they feel they have finally grown into their own skin, know who they are and like that person. For others the senior years in retirement are the best.

I’ve since looked for this article and have not been able to find it, but the idea has stuck with me. I ask myself, what age am I meant to be? Certainly not the teen years. Those were the hardest in my life, even harder than dealing with my divorce. Each stage of life has had its blessings and hardships. I loved raising my children but those were certainly not carefree years. They were filled with the stress of single parenting and working full-time. Still they were good years.

If I had to pick an age I was meant to be, I would say it is the age I am now. I’m semi-retired, happily married and doing what I dreamed of doing throughout my life, writing on a regular basis. If not for arthritis and other minor health issues, it couldn’t be better! I’m glad for this. I hate to think I may have peaked in high school.

What about you? Do you think there is an age we were meant to be? And if so, when was that for you?

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One Response to What Age Are You Meant to Be?

  1. RVT says:

    I too agree…the best age is the current age…

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