Dreamweavers Launch! Free Kindle Version over Memorial Day Weekend


Now Available in Kindle – If you don’t have Kindle, don’t worry. You can easily download a free ereader. Or print copy will be available this weekend as well.  Set in the years following 9/11, Dreamweavers includes a general involved in the Iraq war and a World War II vet.

Memorial Day is a time to remember, remember our loved ones who have died, remember those who have died in service to our country. Kate at mid-life is remembering. She looks back at her life and wonders how she got to where she is today. She remembers young love and wonders if she will ever find love again. Her sister, Helen, wonders, “isn’t there more to life than this?” Join them and a cast of characters that range in age from sixteen to eighty-four as they learn to dream and dream again. A good read for the holiday weekend.

“Dreamweavers held my attention and drew me in more deeply with each chapter. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter were thought-provoking and made me want to read what followed. I loved how the author introduced each character and then deftly wove their lives together. The inner dialogue of the characters, as well as the verbal dialogue, was insightful and realistic. She spoke unflinchingly about daring to hope and being afraid to hope; about dreams embraced and dreams released. Whether it’s a single mother letting her child go, or two people finding each other after decades have passed, or an aging man reinventing himself in old age—life’s decisions are not always cut-and dry; nor are life’s relationships. Patricia Robertson’s book shows how those who accept this reality and persevere in the face of it are the ones who thrive in the end.” Jeanelle Reider, author of The One Voice that Matters

To purchase, click here.

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