What’s in a Picture?

Why is it I can point this stuff out to others but have blinders one when it comes to my own stuff? All of the info I’ve been reading on blogging states you need to include your own picture, not a cartoon character, not one from your childhood, a current picture, preferably of professional quality. And yet I’ve had a cartoon character on my blog for months. And when I thought about other pictures, the first thing I did was go to my childhood pictures for me when I was “pattynicnac” – young and impressionable and oh, so cute.

I know all of the excuses for not doing this. I hate all of my pictures. If I were advising someone else I would tell them, too bad. People want to see what you look like not some cartoon character. Still I resist.

Why do we hate seeing ourselves so much? To others I would say, get over it, you look fine. To myself I say, I have to wait until I get a picture I like better, which most likely will be when I die and no longer have a say on the matter, or some earlier point in life when I was young and skinny and wearing a bikini. Yes, that hot chick was actually me at one point in time. Where did she go?

So, I finally took my own advice and posted a picture. Be kind in your responses. I’m no longer young but I’ve still got some good years in me.

Do any of you have the same problem?
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