Construction Zone – Woman at Work!


Construction Zone

            I’ve been under construction for some time now. I’m not talking about those constant minor repairs and changes that are part of every life. Rather I’m talking about major reconstruction requiring tearing out the old in order to make way for the new. This has included months of home renovation and remodeling, marriage, moving and selling the home I have lived in for the past twenty years. Lots of upheaval. Now that I’m finally done with those major changes, I’m hoping for some smooth sailing for a while, until I hit the next construction zone!
            My blog has been on hiatus for the past months because of this, but also because it is undergoing its own reconstruction as I read up on blogging, platforms and all other such social media and internet jargon. I’m exploring moving from blogspot to wordpress as I’ve heard many good things about that site. I’m also trying to find out how to receive notices whenever someone posts a comment on my blog and ways to have readers sign up for email alerts when I post. My understanding is that this is possible; I’ve yet to find out how. I have also been working on getting a more reliable internet service and a phone that allows me to take pictures to post on my blog. In other words, I need to get into the current century.
            Ultimately though there comes a time when you have to stop all of the planning and preparation and thinking and just start writing and see what happens. My plan is to start posting on each of my blogs on a weekly basis soon. So please don’t give up on me while I’m under construction! Someday the traffic back-up will unclog and communication will flow freely, or if not, I guess that’s just life.
            Have patience. God isn’t done with me yet!
            Have any of you been experiencing any major reconstructions in your life? I would love to hear from you.
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