A Cup of Coffee and the Psalms

Coffee and the Psalms
 “My strength returns to me with my cup of coffee and the reading of the Psalms.”  Dorothy Day
Good things happen over a cup of coffee or tea:  in depth conversations with a friend or just shooting the breeze; early morning meditations with God.
Since I’m no longer preaching every Sunday, I took a break from posting to this blog in order to re-evaluate, redesign and recommit.  I’m still pursuing my own study of the Psalms, praying them, reflecting on them, studying them.  I will be sharing these but my entries will be shorter.  I hope they will still provide fodder for preachers who may want to preach on the Psalms but will also reach a wider audience.
I hope that this blog will be a space for dialogue about the Psalms, for a chance to, in a sense, sit down together with a cup of coffee and converse.  To discuss, what are your favorite Psalms and why?  Are there quotes about the Psalms that you really like?  Have the Psalms played an important role in your life and if so, how?  All of these will be up for discussion.  I hope you will join me in this endeavor.
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